The American Associations of Government and Private Employees offer a variety of useful, cost-saving benefits, services, and consumer discounts. Our associations are designed specifically to help our members save money. Each benefit features cost savings for services or discounts on purchases made by our members. It is as easy as making a toll free call. The benefits are comprehensive, easy to use, and clearly explained in the membership information each member receives. So take advantage of membership and see Where America Saves!

Association Membership Includes:

  1. Access to purchase any Association sponsored product such as FREEDOMFLEX® or College Planning Services

  2. Identity Theft Protection Coverage

  3. Optional Consumer Discounts and Benefits


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Although interest rates in the financial markets are at an all time low, the rate on the FREEDOMFLEX® plan annuity is highly competitive. The rate is currently 3.0% -- much higher than interest rates on CDs and bank savings accounts.

If you have money in savings accounts or CDs you should consider contributing to the FREEDOMFLEX® plan. There are no loads, no minimums, and no surrender charges with our annuity. And the rate is guaranteed to never go below 2.0%!


Great interest rate!

American Association of

Hispanic Employees

A subsidiary of the American Association of Private Employees

With the American Association of Hispanic Employees we are pleased to announce the CarePlan Health Savings Program.

CarePlan Health Savings Program includes savings on prescription drugs and 24/7 access to U.S.-board certified doctors & pediatricians through AmeriDoc.

Con la Asociación Americana de Empleados Hispanos estamos contentos de ofrecer CarePlan Programa de Ahorros de Salud.

CarePlan incluye ahorros en medicamentos recetados y acceso 24/7 a estadounidense certificados médicos y pediatras a través de Ameridoc.